Thursday, August 13, 2009

What it's all about?

Director Laron Austin works with actor Courtney Gates on the scene.

It has been brought to my attention that we're operating a blog about a movie but we haven't discussed what the movie is all about yet.

Good point. This is what the movie is:

A struggling producer dreams of winning a national beat battle contest to gain respect and possibly start a career as a producer.

This is a Hip-Hop film in the vein of “8 Mile”, “Hustle & Flow” and even harkening back to the likes of “Beat Street”.

It's hard to quantify a movie though with just one sentence (or two like I have above) but basically, that's what the movie is about.

Of course that doesn't underscore enough that it's way more than that to the team involved. The writers (myself and Eddie Singleton) have been wanting to do a movie about Hip-Hop, our first artistic love as Hip-Hop group Reign of Terror for many years now. So now that we're actually in production it's been hard not to smile, Even when we're sweating logistics and schedules and oh by the way, Money. I've looked over to Eddie and seen him just cheesin' as the characters are embodying our take on the music we grew up living to create and perform.

So, just bear in mind that this movie is (to steal a line from our main character before y'all get a chance to see him perform it so well) "Hip-Hop in its purest form."

That's the reason you might find posts featuring artists or music that won't actually be featured in the film...because they relate to what we're addressing in the film.

Weekend 2 starts tommorrow and we've got some other news coming very soon as well about cast and partners, etc.

Stay tuned...

In the mean time, here's another picture for you.

Director Laron Austin (L) lines up a shot while Producer Martin Kelley (R) checks the schedule.

Martin Kelley
Producer, Battle

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