Sunday, August 16, 2009

On to Eyedrum

Eyedrum's already time for our most challenging and arguably important stretch of filming. The Batte scenes.

We'll have more cast and extras and crew in the next four nights than any other part of our shooting schedule.

I definitely just wanted to take a moment to thank the organization that has generously partnered with us to provide a crucial location for the film.

Eyedrum is a non-profit organization developing contemporary art, music and new media in its gallery space.

Check out their site above and visit them some time.

Also, if your a Hip-Hop fan, you can be part of the film this week only.

Contact to confirm.

I will blog about our weekend soon. We've wrapped one location and had another terrific weekend of performances.

Special thanks to Michael D Friedman who was able step in as a last minute replacement and he did a great job on short notice.

The same goes for Philip Covin who worked Saturday and was able to be flexible as we caught up.

More pictures soon but we've still got a lot to do as we're On to Eyedrum.

Stay tuned...

Martin Kelley
Producer, Battle

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