Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting WREK tommorrow

What a week we've had.

We shot a lot of performance scenes at the Eyedrum this week and I want to take a moment to praise all the extras who came all seriously SHUT IT DOWN!

Amazing work by all of you. It really created the atmosphere we envisioned when we wrote the script. Thank you so much.

Also, special thanks to Dres Tha BeatNIK as well in the role of Mighty was a demanding week for him as he was in almost all the performance footage. Excellent work DRES! Hope he blogs well of the experience.

The best part is that I got to peek at some of the footage thus far...AWESOME stuff!

Eddie and I are very excited. Hope to get pictures up soon for y'all.

However, tommorrow we resume and at my alma mater, Georgia Tech at the famous WREK radio station.

Plus we get to work with up-and-coming Rapper TRIMM from the might Battery 5 camp.

If you're into an eclectic mix of music...check out the station.

and as always, stay tuned...there's a lot more news to come.

Martin Kelley
Producer, Battle

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