Monday, August 24, 2009

One more night at Eyedrum

Going into our final evening shooting at the fabulous Eyedrum Facility. They've been very helpful and certainly instrumental as a location partner for this film. Tonight we're creating a different atmosphere than we did last week and I'm excited that Reign of Terror's own DJ Dainja as well as Hylandaz' DJ Doc West will be making an appearance in the movie to represent Hip-Hop Deejays!

It's important to us to "get it right" in terms of the Hip-Hop Element in this movie and having real Hip-Hop Deejays in the place will certainly help us "get it right".

Don't have pictures from last week yet, but don't fret because when I get them in my hand, I'm going to go crazy with them and catch you up on all the production happenings thus far.

Was very happy to see a short article on the movie appear in The Hollywood Reporter last week and it reminds me that I've got to introduce lots of folks to all of you who've been following the blog.

Don't worry, I'll be working overtime on the blog when I'm not doing double duty between my daytime occupation as Clark Kent and my nights and weekends gig as SuperProducer for Battle.

Thanks for checking in and definitely stay tuned as there's a big casting announcement happening this week that we're all excited to share with everyone.

Martin Kelley
Producer, Battle

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