Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Screenshots and official word on trailer

We've been talking about it and you may have seen the new flyers with the official website listed, www.battle-movie.com by the way, and we likely told you that the trailer will be released on New Year's Eve.

So, for anyone who didn't get the flyer and speak with us, here is the official word on the trailer. It will be released 12/31/09 by 6pm EST. So be sure to check it out.

Meanwhile I've put my hands on a few still frames from the movie.

Conrad "HeadROC" Clifton as Rippa in Battle

A beat battle featuring Dres Tha BeatNik, Errol Sadler and Joshua Tanksley

Onira Tares as Monique in Battle

So please be sure to log into the official site, again www.battle-movie.com, on New Year's Eve and check out the trailer for the movie.


Martin Kelley
Producer, Battle

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