Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never Enough Thyme

If ever there was a phrase apropriately describing life on an indie film shoot, this is it. Never enough it seems.

I have to say we've been pretty lucky and blessed thus far on the shoot.

And one of the blessings is coming up this weekend as we partner with the wonderful Diner Never Enough Thyme to shoot some scenes for the film.

You can find their wonderful menu and hours of operation here:

Atlanta consistently ranks high among film-friendly towns in America and great folks Like Michele Doyle are the reason why. She is helping us tremendously by allowing us to film in her establishment. It's not just a nice place to eat, it looks like it will be a great place to shoot.

We've got a heavy load to get through this weekend but having access to a great location is really a terrific jump start to getting it done well.

So, come visit Michele's place and then you can say "hey, I've been there!" when you see Battle in 2010!

Stay tuned....

Group Hug!! L- R: Muta'Ali Muhammad, E. Roger Mitchell, Sarah Cooper, that guy, Conrad "HeadRoc" Clifton, and Onira Tares on the Eyedrum Set of Battle.

Muta'Ali Muhammad and Sarah Cooper on the set of Battle

Martin Kelley

Producer, Battle

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